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Lumiere London 2016

Lumiere London 2016 and 2018 was the largest light festival to take place in London with an estimate of around 1 million people attending over 4 nights.

To give an indication of the scale of Lumiere London, the event footprint spanned from Kings Cross to Westminster Abbey, including installations on Regent Street, Piccadilly and Leicester Square, amongst others in between. This proved to be challenging as the event was split across multiple boroughs of London and thus interacting with different Councils, Local Authorities and Stakeholders.

Considering the extensive road closures in central London and the large crowds that attended the festival, all of the planning was instrumental in helping with the co-ordination and movement of the public. Gallowglass Health & Safety worked successfully with the local authorities, communities and stakeholders and developed good working relationships along the way.

Another challenge was to create an overarching event safety plan which would be suitable and sufficient and be ‘signed off’ by all the various boroughs, councils and venues. An extensive communications plan was devised and was tested during the live event days.



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