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Venue Safety Management

As part of our venue safety services we offer support either to your venues in-house event management team or as part of the production management team hiring out your space. 

Through our existing relationships with numerous large events venues throughout the UK, our team fulfil a valuable role in linking the internal and visiting production teams health and safety management provisions seamlessly. 

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By assisting venues in the implementation of a preferred supplier scheme, Gallowglass Health & Safety can identify contractors that they believe to be competent and vetted independently by Gallowglass Health & Safety.  Suppliers are required to show measures taken to prove compliance with the UK Health and Safety legislation. This auditing ensures suppliers are fully compliant with UK legislation, have shown proof of competency, and guarantees a pool of trusted suppliers. This process negates the need to vet individual suppliers on a production by production basis.

As part of our venue safety management we review the paperwork of all visiting productions. We also provide consultation through the planning process ensuring all elements brought into the venue have been approved for the size and purpose of the venue.

Gallowglass Health & Safety provide a physical presence for the duration of the build-up and de-rig of the event, ensuring compliance with all pre-submitted documentation and ensuring that any safety concerns are dynamically solved onsite. Our advisors always adopt the “how can this be achieved safely” attitude rather than the “stop work immediately” attitude.

The events industry is ever changing, and no two events are identical. Gallowglass Health & Safety ensure your venue stays up to speed by implementing safety auditing programmes carried out at regular intervals. This ensures the venue is compliant at all times.

We are available for consultancy throughout the timeline of any event. We can provide remote assistance at all times to give advice on all Health and Safety matters and offer support for smaller events which may not require full onsite/pre-production presence.

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